Polishing the SSC Shadow Way!

2018 - 2019 Season Overview


Spokane Sounders Premier/RCL



SSC Shadow Select





The Spokane Sounders boasts the most experienced coaching staff inthe region.  The     U13 - U19 program follows a seasonal curriculum that teaches possession-oriented soccer.  The club wide philosophy of building from the back, moving the ball through the midfield at speed with short combination and attacking in large numbers is a major feature of our curriculum.

Your son/daughter will be exposed to a variety of coaches through their Spokane Sounders career, all of whom follow club philosophy and teach their team to play the same way. 

For more information, please contact one of the following:

Director of Coaching: Mike Pellicio or

Director of U11 - 13 Programs: Berrick Rastok.









Our Select coaches are volunteers with various levels of coaching experience.  Some have certifications and high school or college playing experience. 

We offer unique benefits that other Select soccer programs do not:  a licensed Director of Select Coaching guides our volunteer coaches.  They receive active information that flows from the Premier side of the club to them, following similar philosophies and emphases.

For more information, please contact:

Director of Coaching - Select: Jason Bellefeuille










League Play Spokane Sounders Premier/RCL teams compete in the Washington Youth Soccer Regional Club League - the highest level of state-wide competition available.  We hold the only Inland Empire membership in the Regional Club League - a testament to the commitment to Spokane Sounders focus on the four pillars of the Club - development, competition, community and enjoyment!


Our Select teams compete in a the local league which could be either Idaho State League (US Youth)  or the INW Copa League (US Club).

Our focus is on development of the player; therefore, the training environment is our highest priority at this level.  This environment is what separates our club from others in the Greater Spokane area.



Spokane Sounders Premier/RCL teams practice 10 months of the year between Spokane Shadow Soccer Complex, Dwight Merkel Sports Complex, Plantes Ferry Park, Southeast Complex and Cravens Sportsplex.
We have an “open” practice policy.  For players who desire more training, they are welcome to attend other RCL/Premier team practices.


SSC Shadow Select teams train in the area of town in which they live:

Northside = SSC Shadow United Select
Southside and Spokane Valley = SSC Shadow Elite Select

Our Select teams train 6-8 months of the year.  Tournament participation by teams is optional.


Player Expectations

Spokane Sounders Premier Regional Club League (RCL) brings with it an expectation that the player really wants to play soccer at a competitive level focused on future growth and development.  Players who like competing and want to be pushed to be challenged to be better by their teammates and coaches will find a perfect fit in Spokane Sounders Premier/RCL.

If you have aspirations of competing at a high level in high school and perhaps in college, Spokane Sounders Premier/RCL is by far your best club option in Greater Spokane!


Select soccer is for the above average player looking for a more competitive level of play than Recreational soccer.

This level of play provides continued opportunities for players to play the game with others that have similar levels of ability and desire.








The financial difference to play Premier Regional Club League soccer comes down to the service provided.  Premier RCL coaches are licensed professionals and are paid a stipend.

Tier I - 2017 - 2018 club registration for  the  A level teams  is $1,695.  This includes club, association and league fees; practice and State Cup field & referee fees.

Tier II - 2017 - 2018 club registration for the B and C level teams is $1495.  This includes club, association and leagues fees; practice and State Cup field & referee fees.

Additional expenses are incurred for uniforms (purchased every 2 years), tournaments and travel (vary by team).


If you missed tryouts and are interested in learning more about our Premier/RCL program and possible roster openings for 2006 (U13) teams, please contact Berrick Rastok. 

If you missed tryouts and are interested in learning more about our Premier/RCL program and possible roster openings for 2005 - 2000 (U14 - U18) teams, please contact Mike Pellicio.




SSC Shadow Elite Select Club Dues: 

  • $595 includes club and association fees.

Additional expenses are incurred for uniforms, tournaments and travel.


SSC Shadow United Select Club Dues:

  • $595 includes club and association fees.

Additional expenses are incurred for uniforms, tournaments and travel.

If you missed tryouts and are interested in learning more about the Select teams and possible roster openings, please contact Jason Bellefeuille.