Club Registration Guide

Spokane Sounders

2018-2019 Member Registration Guide

1.  Players will receive an email inviting them to accept their spot on a roster based on team placement.  This email will direct you to register online with Spokane Sounders/SSC Shadow and complete the initial club dues payment. 

**A $50 late fee will be added to your club dues if registration and an initial payment are not completed within 10 days after the final tryout date in which your player participated.

2.  Complete the WYS Medical Release Form - Download here

Please hand this form to your team manager at your first team meeting.  

3. Provide proof of your birth date (For players new this year to Spokane Sounders/SSC Shadow only)

Email a copy of your certified birth certificate OR U.S. passport to

4.  Your First Team Account Payment

To offset coach per diem, travel expenses, and tournament registrations, team account funds are collected throughout the season. Team accounts are managed by your volunteer Team Treasurer, with oversight by the Spokane Sounders Club Treasurer.  Team Tracking Sheets will be emailed periodically to parents showing deposits and credits for all team members for the season.  Please bring your checkbook to the first team meeting to make an initial team account payment. Checks can be made payable to SSC Shadow.

5.  Get your jersey number assigned by your coach

Spokane Sounders/SSC Shadow coaches assign jersey numbers to avoid duplication within each age group.  
Consult your coach and team manager to confirm your jersey number before you order your uniform kit!

6.  Order Adidas uniform through SoccerWest 

Uniforms are purchased every two years. Orders are placed on-line through SoccerWest and shipped directly to the player. If you have additional questions before that time please contact

7.  Please contact us with any questions!