Tournament Rules





Soccer Tournament Rules

March 17 & 18 - 2018



Location of tournament is Spokane Sounders Soccer Complex (former Spokane Polo Fileds). 



Saturday, March 17th - 30 minutes before first game with tournament director or office manager.

When checking in, teams are required to provide the following materials

(tournament roster, registrar approved team roster, and travel permission form):

A) Teams from the USA

1) If not US Youth Soccer, but an USSF affiliate the players must present

picture identification cards issued by the team’s Federation Organization

Member (AYSO, US Club Soccer, other)

2) Teams must provide proof of approval of the team’s participation from

the team’s Federation Organization Member (ie, US Club Soccer, SPVJSA,

IEYSA, etc.)

B) Teams from outside the State Association where the tournament is located

must provide proof of permission of travel, unless US Club Soccer


C) Each team must have its certified team roster for approval.

Tournament is open to teams from U-9 to U19, Boys and girls. Each team is

allowed a maximum of 9 players. U9 (January 1, 2009 – and younger)

U10 (January 1, 2009 – and younger)

U10 (January 1, 2008 - and younger)

U11 (January 1, 2007 - and younger)

U12 (January 1, 2006 - and younger)

U13 (January 1, 2005 - and younger)

U14 (January 1, 2004 – and younger)

U15 (January 1, 2003 – and younger)

U16 (Jnuary 1, 2002 – and younger)

U17 (January 1, 2001 – and younger)

U18 (Janury 1, 2000 – and younger)

U19 (January 1, 1999 – and younger)



1. Home team is the first team listed on the schedule. In playoff matches Home

team is the team with the higher number of points from group play.

2. Both teams must bring two sets of uniforms to each game, however if the

referee determines there is a conflict, the home team will be required to

change. In playoff matches the teams with the lower number of points from

group play points are required to change.

3. Teams (payers and staff) will be located on the same touchline and

spectators will be on the opposite side of the teams participating in the game.

4. The shirt number of player must match the shirt number listed on the

approved roster turned in before the tournament.

Players may only play for one team in the same age group.

The games will be played in conformity with the rules of FIFA and USSF, unless

otherwise stated herein. A player may be substituted at a stoppage of play.

Substitution is on the ‘fly.’ Substitution throughout the game must be from the

same location.

There are four field players and goalkeeper on the field of play.

There is NO offside.


All age groups match consist of two 15 minute halves with a two minute halftime

break. Running Clock no stoppages.



All players must wear approved shin guards covered entirely by socks. No hard

casts are permitted. Soft casts are permitted with the permission of the referee. No

jewelry of any kind may be worn by any player.



First round is round robin where numbers permit. Number of advancing teams is

based upon the numbers in the round robin play. Everyone is guaranteed a

minimum of 3 games.

All matches will have a certified referee certified by the USSF federation. There is

one ref per match.


Match Delays, Suspensions, Cancellations – Any match delay due to the weather

or other situations will be handled by the tournament director based upon the

rescheduling openings or cancellation of play.

Refund Policy – No refund of entry fee due to cancellations. If a team applies to

tournament and cancels before the deadline of registration refund will be granted

minus a $45 administrative fee. If team cancels after the registration deadline no

refund will be given.



Forfeit will happen if a team does not show up 5 minutes after the game is

supposed to start. Minimum number of players to constitute a team is three. Once a

team forfeits a match all further and past games will be forfeited as well. Forfeited

match results in a 0-1 loss for forfeited team.



The following size breakdown is used: Size 4 for U9 – U12 & Size 5 for U13 and UP



A point system is employed to determine the order of finish in-group play, as


1. Six (6) points for a win

2. Three (3) points for a tie

3. Zero (0) point for a loss

4. One (1) point for each goal up to three

5. One (1) point for a shutout

6. A team winning by FORFEIT will be awarded Eight (8) points and ONE goal.

7. If teams are equal in points, the tie-breakers, in order shall be:

Head to head competition (If teams did not play against each other, move to

next tie- breaker)

Goal differential, i.e. total team goals for, minus goals against (up to 8 goals

max per game)

Less goals scored on (up to 8 goals max per game)

Most goals scored (up to 8 goals max per game)

FIFA "Kick from the Penalty Mark."

A point will be deducted from total score for each red card received

throughout the whole tournament.

In semifinal and championship games, overtime periods will be played. One

overtime periods consisting of 5 minutes. If match still tied, then FIFA “kick

from the penalty mark.

Reporting Game Results: Winning team manager is responsible to call in the result. After the end of each game, two team managers SHALL meet with the referee after the game ends to confirm the result and then the winning team manager will call in the result. 

How to call in the result?

Call 904-758-0875, Enter 4-digit pin # "2020", Event ID # "59446" and the game number on the schedule. Then enter the result.

Other Laws of the Game:

  1. There is no heading allowed the U9, 10 and 11. Indirect free kick awarded for the fraction.
  2. The goalie can handle the ball inside the 6 yards’ box ONLY. U14/15 group will have a semi-circle instead of a rectangular box in front of the goal.
  3. There is no Offside.
  4. All penalty kicks are taken 12 yards from the goal line.
  5. All games 15 minute halves
  6. Substitution on the fly (free substitution). Player has to be out of the playing field before the sub can go in.
  7. There is no Build out line.



Protests are to be brought to the tournament headquarters immediately after the

game. Teams have 60 minutes after the completion of the game to bring protest to

tournament headquarters along with $100 non refundable fee. After 60 minutes no protests will be heard. The

tournament committee and all involved will be heard and a decision will be

rendered after all heard.

Disputes of non-referee decision will be decided by the tournament committee.

Once a decision by the tournament committee is decided it is final.



Any player receiving a red card is automatically suspended for next game. Should

a player receive a second Red Card, that player shall be suspended for the

remainder of the tournament. Same rules apply to a coach. When suspended or red

carded the coach and/or player must leave the playing field. All unserved and

serious disciplinary action will be reported to the State Association and US Club

Soccer for US teams.



Any match delays due to the weather or other situations will be handled by the

tournament director based upon rescheduling or cancellation of play. No refunds

will be allowed due to the weather condition or any other unforseen weather conditions due to mother nature.